Jun 20, 2009

The big 30!

My mother still had the dress that I had my 1 year old pictures taken in, so I knew that I was going to take a picture of miss chubby cheeks in that same dress. I didn't even try to look for shoes like that, do they still make those? :) This is her today and me 29 years ago

I think she looks more like her daddy than me but she definetly got her hair from me and wow she has a lot of it!


Drew said...

This is a great comparison. Hey I hate to ask but I was friends with a Melissa Gray photographer in Idaho Falls years ago. You wouldn't happen to be her would you? Regardless great work. -Drew Godleski

ashley said...

Oh how cute! Love that you still have the dress;) That makes it so special. She is a doll;)

Melissa said...

Drew, no not me :) but thanks!