Aug 25, 2009

miss chubby cheeks at 11 months.... | Western Oklahoma Photographer

My baby is not really a baby anymore, it really is sad but I save all the emotional memories for her 1 year old post :) Here are her 11 month old portraits. I also got to use 2 of my new props! I'm so excited about the carriage, she is a little big for it but I had to use it!

Aug 19, 2009

Senior Special through September.... | Western Oklahoma Senior Photography

School has started, thank goodness! Did I say that out loud? :) So, what is it Seniors need to start thinking about? Senior Pictures! Now is the time to get them done while we still have some green grass and nice weather, fall and winter will be here in no time.

Seniors book your appointment now for the rest of this month or September and receive 56 free wallets! The details? All 56 have to be of the same pose, session fee must be paid at time of session and last a minimum portrait order of $75.00 must be placed.

Contact me through e-mail at or at 580-666-2189.

Book now, sessions are limited!

Aug 15, 2009

N and C...engaged... | Western Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

This week I had the pleasure of photographing N and C. I had such a great time, I hope they did too! We had great locations, they looked great and so cute together! There were grasshoppers, a broke shoe, and my son who came with me who informed us he 'spoke cat.' Remember you cat said thank you :)
I had so many favorites it was hard which ones to post here! Check out my facebook page in a few days for more!
I'm already excited about their wedding in December I can't wait!

Aug 10, 2009

the 'b' sisters... | Western Oklahoma Child Photographer

This weekend I had a fun ant filled session with the 'b' sisters. The ants came to the session uninvited but we worked around them :) Older sis was 18 months so it was time for a session. Here is a preview for the family...

we had to get a couple of little 'b.' We tried this shot numerous times and our patience paid off, doesn't she look like an angel?

Aug 7, 2009

some adorable siblings... | Western Oklahoma Photographer

I'm going to call last nights photo session a workout. It was so hot I have never sweated that much. Mom and Dad worked so hard too! But it paid off, check out how adorable they are...

Aug 6, 2009

sisters.... | Western Oklahoma Photographer

this session had to be rescheduled numerous times I think we all thought it might not happen :) but it did, and then it almost didn't last. In the middle of it the wind picked up like a storm was approaching. We got through it and here are a couple of shots for them to preview...