Jul 31, 2009

6 month old C.... | Western Oklahoma Baby Photographer

Nothing makes me happier, besides my kids and husband, than a smiling baby! Check out "C" here is a preview for mom and dad and his fan club :)and I was so excited when we got there and mom said she brought this washtub! I love when the parents come up with ideas! I mean what 6 month old doesn't take a bath in the middle of the woods? Adorable!

Jul 29, 2009

little boy b.... | Western Oklahoma Newborn Photograper

Little boy b is almost 2 weeks old so it was time for a photo session! He is just adorable! He is a preview for mom and dad...

Jul 24, 2009

little miss chubby cheeks at 10 months... | Western Oklahoma Photography

Our little has been here for 10 months and I cannot believe that it has gone by this fast. So, of course we had to take her out and get some pictures :)

Jul 22, 2009

this time next week.... | Western Oklahoma Maternity Photographer

This time next week they will be holding their precious little boy! Our mutual friend set this up for them because she said K was just so cute pregnant and had to have some pictures. She was right! K is so tiny and has a cute little belly, I can't believe she is due next week. Here is a preview for the new mom and dad to be...

Jul 16, 2009

birthday buddies.... | Western Oklahoma Newborn Photography

These two will always share something not usually shared by siblings except twins, triplets and so on. Little "J" was born on big sis "B's" birthday! What a great birthday present! Here is a preview for the family...

Jul 15, 2009

little miss 11 days old.... | Western Oklahoma Newborn Photographer

This little one is a teeny tiny little thing! Big sis "B" loves her little sis "B." Here is a preview for mom and dad...

Jul 14, 2009

another set of siblings.... | Western Oklahoma Photographer

This weekend I got to photograph another set of siblings at my new 'studio' more on that later in another post. I have had the pleasure of photographing these two on several times and can't believe how big they are getting. Check out sister...doesn't she look like a model in training :)

Jul 12, 2009

brother and sister... | Western Oklahoma Photographer

We all braved the heat last night, you know when it is still 100+ at 7:00 at night. But it was worth it! Here is a preview for the whole family.

And doesn't "M" look fantastic in pink!

"K" was such a trooper, he was getting tired of it at the end but he did such a great job!

Jul 7, 2009

Red, White and Blue......... | Western Oklahoma Family Photographer

I meant to post this before the 4th of July to wish everyone a fun and safe holiday, but we had computer trouble and we took a much needed 3 day weekend away from here! :) It was great! I took this of the kiddos a few weeks ago for the holiday and they are all actually looking and smiling, that is something that photographer kids will rarely do, so I got it printed up big for our store.

I have a busy week coming up! 2 newborns and a sibling shoot! I'm so excited to get back into the swing of things! Stay tuned for some sneak peeks!