Jan 31, 2008

so, you just had a baby and....

professional photographs are the last thing on your mind. And why should it be, you have a million things to do but the one thing the most important is getting to spend that cuddle time with the new addition to the family. But once the first 14 days have passed you missed the best opportunity to have your newborn photographed and get sleepy baby pictures. Now, not every baby is going to cooperate but when they do you will have a wonderful portrait to remember those first days.

We all know they grow up and change too quickly!

So, remember to go ahead and make a tentative appointment before your delivery for the first few days of your childs life.

Here is a set of twins, they are 11 days old in this picture.

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Carrie said...

Great reminder. Newborns change daily and you soon forget those first few days and weeks. What an amazing way to capture the beginning of your life together.